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Finding a resolution to your family law matters

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2024 | Family Law

When a family is established, no one thinks that it will be dismantled one day. However, problems arise, people grow apart, and the needs, health and safety of the children may generate the need to make significant changes. Whether it is through divorce or separation, when parents decide to no longer be together, this is just as, if not more, impactful on the children.

Family law matters are challenging. This is in part due to the emotions associated with spending less time with the children; however, it can also be a complex matter because parents are not in agreement. Thus, it is important to understand your rights when it comes resolving custody and support matters.

Family law matters

At Barnes Family Law, our law firm understands the challenges a family law case can bring a parent. Our legal empathizes with our clients, allowing us to provide compassionate and diligent legal representation.

Family law issues usually signal significant changes. This can be a stressful time, as you may not know what the end result will look like. Whether you have hopes to establish shared custody or are seeking primary placement, it is important to understand your situation, the pertinent factors and what you could expect.

Finding your resolution

Because each family is unique, they require a personal and sympathetic approach that is unique to them and their issues. With over a decade of experience, our law firm has the knowledge and expertise to handle a wide array of family law matters. Whether you are dealing with child custody disputes, child support issues, domestic violence or same-sex family law, there are ways to handle your matter in and out of court.

Even though it can be a taxing time, there are resolutions to family law matters. It is important that you not only understand your options when it comes to resolving family law issues, but you need to ensure your rights are protected. A legal professional can answer any questions when it comes to your rights and how best to meet the best interests of your child.