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Balancing Compassion And Confidence In Your Family Law Case

Family law problems are difficult for your entire family. Not only is your world changing, but you also involve lawyers and other parties in your most personal matters. I understand how stressful and life-changing family law issues can be. There is an impact on everyone involved, especially your children. As schedules vary and parenting roles change, children often see the family dynamic change from what they are used to. That is why I take a personal, sympathetic and assertive approach to these cases. I take the time to listen, learn and understand every personal detail relevant to your case.

Family law is very intimate and relies on personal information that will help me better understand the circumstances around your case so that I can develop a strategic plan. I am very discreet in handling these cases, and I am always respectful of the personal nature of what you are sharing with me.

My clients in the Charlotte metro area have trusted me for over a decade to help them through their family law cases. I am upfront and honest with my clients, always giving straightforward answers and explaining every detail, from how much it will cost to how long their case could take. It is also vital that you understand how the law works and how it applies to your case. I care about my clients, and I keep their best interests in mind as I work to help them move on to their next chapter.

Here For You From The Start Of Your Case To The End

Family law cases often involve different factors and can get relatively complex. For example, if you are divorcing your spouse and have children, you likely will need help with child custody, child support and visitation. As an experienced family law attorney, I can help you every step of the way.

I can help you with a variety of family law cases, including:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Domestic violence
  • Alimony
  • Property distribution
  • Same-sex family law

In North Carolina, property distribution between a married couple is called equitable distribution. There are three types of properties considered: separate, marital and divisible. Separate property is anything you owned individually before your marriage. Marital property is anything you acquire while you are married. Divisible property refers to passive income from the marital property received after the date of separation, including interests and dividends. For example, if you have a house that goes up in value when you decide to sell after your separation, you split the money with your spouse.

Property distribution can be confusing and challenging due to the many nuances involved. It is important to work with a skilled attorney who understands the laws in North Carolina and can effectively and efficiently help you navigate the equitable distribution process.

You Will Not Have To Face Your Case Alone

I am not afraid to go to court to defend your rights and future. However, a court battle may not always be in your best interests. I am trained in collaborative law and can assist clients who are in good standing with their spouses and can work together to sort out their family law issues.

Family law problems don’t get resolved overnight; some issues can last longer than others. While I can’t promise a start and end date, I can tell you that you will not be alone. I will be your voice and advocate on your behalf. We can fight for a better future together. Contact me today at 704-859-8050 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a consultation.