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Can child support be changed in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2023 | Child Support

Divorce can seem like closing a chapter, but as we all know, life finds a way to continue. When you have a divorce with children, even when the divorce is finalized, it is not actually over. You co-parent for the rest of your child’s lives. And, if you experienced a significant life change, you may wonder, can child support orders be modified in North Carolina?

Can support orders be modified?

Child support can be changed in North Carolina. The state recommends either filing a motion to modify or working with your Child Support Enforcement or caseworker to request the modification.

Modification information

Requests can be made every three years or following a substantial change in circumstances for either parent. They define a substantial change in circumstance as an income or need change that results in at least a 15% change to the initial order.

You may request orders be increased, decreased, suspended, terminated or any other unique request. You must provide proof to substantiate the request. For example, if you have another child, you can request that your child support for this child be reduced. Or, if you are diagnosed with a life-altering disease, a modification may be appropriate. In both cases, though, you will need to provide proof to the court.

Closing thoughts

Requests to modify child support orders are just that: requests. They may be granted or denied. However, if you lost your job and are unable to make payments, you can ask for modifications.

If you fail to make your child support payments in North Carolina, the state can come after you. As such requesting a modification as soon as your circumstances change, rather than when you lose your ability to pay entirely, is usually the better course of action. Likewise, if you receive child support and you have an increase in expenses, you can ask for modification to increase the support you receive.